From 27 to 30 April a delegation from Romania was in Israel to attend the 19th edition of the International Exhibition Agritech 2015, the most important event dedicated to israelian agricultural technology. The Romanian delegation, led by Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO of the Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) made up of representatives of the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences "Gheorghe Ionescu-Şişeşti" (ASAS), the research institutes in agriculture, farmers associations, consultants in human resources, agriculture and rural development and farmers. On April 28, romanian delegation visited the Agritech exhibition where the members of delegation held a series of business meetings at the stands of Israeli companies specialized in technology for greenhouses, irrigation and dairy farms. After this, followed the participation in the seminar "The National-Scale Program for Advanced Agriculture (NLPAA)" supported by Netafim, a global leader in technologies for irrigation. Guest of honor at the event was Mr. Yair Shamir, Minister of Agriculture of Israel. Presentation by Mr. Ran Maidan, Netafim CEO - "Introduction of the NLPAA concept," was followed by case studies and presentations of foreign officials attending Agritech: Virginija Baltraitiene, Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania, Sonny S.T. Echono, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Nigeria, Saparkhan Omarov, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Kazakhstan and Vladyslav Rutyska, Vice Minister, Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine. 

In the second part of the day, Mrs. Otilia Manta participate at two important conferences presented in the panel reserved for research and development activities. It followed a busy day for the romanian delegation - April 29th, when they attended some study visits in several kibutzs. The first stop was at the kibbutz Metzer where they visited the green houses from Top Green House, one of the most important israelian company in greenhouses filed. From 11.00, the guests from Romania were laid to Afilimk, the leader in technology and equipment for dairy farms. Here have been assessed the collaboration opportunities in research and development (it is good to remember that at Afimilk the average milk yield is 47 liters/cow/day compared to 24 liters/cow/day obtained at Baloteşti Institute). Next stop was at the kibbutz Naan where have been visited the facilities of NaanDanJain - world leader in technologies for irrigation and greenhouses. The last stop of the day was at Rehovot, for a quick visit to Weizman Institute (WI), prestigious institution in research and development. 
On the fourth day of presence in Israel, the delegation from Romania took part in the debate ”Technologies for innovation and research in agriculture and rural development” organized by the Institute for Export & International Cooperation from Tel Aviv and moderated by Mr. Gilad Peled, Head of Agro -Technology, Water & Cleantech. It have presented presentations by Ms. Dr. Orna Harel, vice president BD Gavish - Bio Galilee applications Ltd, and Mr. Shai Zarivatch Migal Institute, Director, Europe Division, Foreign Trade Administration, Ministry of Economy. 

Also, Dr. Arie Regev, Director Foreign Relations Department at Ministry of Agriculture of Israel presented an overview of this sector, technologies and innovations that Israeli agriculture proposes. Mrs. Otilia Manta spoke about the importance of an exchange of best practices in agriculture from Israel to Romania and also about Israeli agricultural technologies that can help romanian agriculture to become more efficient. 

This visit was organized by the Economic Department of the Embassy of Israel in Romania and Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC), with the support of the Israeli Export and International Cooperation from Tel Aviv.