Friday, November 14, 2014, took place the seminar "Perspectives on attracting European funds for tourism in 2014-2015", organized by the Organization of Spa Tourism Tourism in the frame of Tourism Fair in 2014. At the event, whose moderator was Mr. Nicu Radulescu, President of OPTBR, took part Mrs. Mirela Matichescu, representative of the National Tourism Authority (NTA), George Constantine Brezoi, Secretary of State in the Department for SME Business Environment and Tourism (DIMMMAT), representatives of various organizations and associations working in the field of tourism, specialists and physicians in the field of balneology, experts on European funds. 

Invited to the seminar, Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO Grupul Român pentru Investiţii şi Consultanţă (RGIC) supported the presentation "EU funds - an integrated funding solution for roumanian tourism in the European context, 2014-2020". 
There were thus given with information about EU support enjoyed by those working in tourism (direct funding through grants or indirect financing through financial intermediaries). In addition to the European programs which have in their composition axes for tourism already known - ERDF, ESF, EAFRD - Mrs. Manta offered important information about programs like COSME, Horizon2020, EPI or Creative Europe, programs that focus on innovation and research component