On 2014 edition of the exhibition Indagra, companies and producers from Moldova participated with a common stand. This was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Moldova with the financial assistance of the European Union and UNDP under the "Support measures to promote trust" in order to contribute to the development of cooperation between entrepreneurs on both sides of Nistru and promote their goods on the foreign market. 
Among the meetings of the delegation from Moldova during the exhibition Indagra, was also the one held Thursday, October 30, organized in partnership by WTC Bucharest and RGIC Consultanta. At the meeting with representatives from Moldova took part, among others, Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO RGIC, Mr. Valeriu Lazar, President of CCI of Moldova, dr. Stefan Mantea, Director Business Incubator RGIC, prof. Dr. Emilian Dobrescu, ASE, Mr. Vlad George, President Eco Vegetables,, Mr. Vitaly Gorincioi, President Association of Fruit Producers and Exports Moldova Fruit, Mrs. Carolina Pepper, Department Manager Fairs and Exhibitions, Mr. Iosif Pop, Editor in Chief "AGROTERRA" magazine, Mrs. Adriana Ungureanu Reciprocity Officer, World Trade Center Bucharest, Mr. Ion Izină director for RGIC South Muntenia, Bogdan Guta, Marketing Director RGIC. Within this debate have been reviewed the current state of Romanian-Moldova relations business in agriculture, possibilities for cooperation between framers from Moldova and Romania.