Recently, the Romanian Group for Investment and Consultancy (RGIC) - by Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO, signed a partnership agreement with Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) - by Mr. Dr. Joseph Shevel, President. The partnership envisages cooperation in agriculture and rural development through the participation of farmers and those who are interested to agribuisness courses and programs organized by GIMI, webinars, mutual promotion, etc. 

Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) is a training institution somewhat different from other similar centers in that graduates of courses and programs developed here goes not only expertise, but also the beginning of a professional relationship, networking, tight and sustainable. 

Year after year, the Institute brings together executives, professionals and scientists in a series of seminars rich in information on basic management systems from society. 

Also, the numerous international partnerships and projects contributing to a best vision of global reality. 

Founded in 1987, located in northern Israel, Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) is a key of Israeli experience and success in many areas. Institute aims through its work in all areas for organizing courses and training programs seek to bridge the gap between poor developing countries and developed ones through education and capacity building. The programs offered to the students abroad are designed so that they fully meet the requirements of participants in courses. Based on experience and unique performances of Israel in the fields of education and research and development, the specialists from GIMI are able to offer an unparalleled variety of innovative courses and programs presented by israelian leading experts in their fields.