The National Council of Private Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Romania (CNIPMMR) held Wednesday, November 6th, 2013, at the Romanian Athenaeum, the XXI edition of the National Top of Private Companies in Romania. Based on information from the National Trade Register Office (NTRO), to achieve the TOP there were considered 574 220 companies that submitted the balance sheet for 2012. The rankings were drawn at national, regional and county based on: overall business performance, productivity, gross profit, turnover, year of establishment. In the classification of firms (micro, small, medium and large) there were taken into consideration: the number of employees, turnover and total assets in view of the Law nr.346/2004. Among the companies awarded for work done included the RGIC Consultanta which ranked no. 4 in the national rankings in its field. 

On this occasion Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO of the Romanian Group for Investment and Consulting (RGIC) said : " For us it is an honor to participate in this event and, moreover, to be awarded. Ranking in the national Top 2012 rewards the efforts RGIC Consultanta made and compels us to continue on the same path in the future. The RGIC strategic projects cover areas of national importance, such as agriculture. In this sector, in which RGIC Consultanta focused most of its resources - I refer to agriculture, attracting European funds is the key to a successful and competitive agriculture. The share of agriculture in the national economy can and should be an important one. With a simplification of structural funds absorption, Romanian agriculture can truly be a success solution for a profitable economy. A strong efficient and modern agriculture ensures a reliable approach to the future for Romania". Within the event there was conducted an extensive consultation of entrepreneurs to establish a set of major business priorities for 2014.