Friday, November 1st, 2013, at RGIC headquarters a roundtable was held "Solutions for Agriculture and Rural Development in Romania". The meeting moderated by Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO, Romanian Group for Investments and Consulting (RGIC) was attended by representatives of agricultural associations and professional unions, academics and university specialists in banking and financial institutions. Mr. DONAVON Johnson, Director of Resource Management Group at the North Dakota Trade Office (NDTO) held a presentation "Financial Solutions for export of equipment and technology from the U.S." in which those present could find out about the offer of U.S. Eximbank on the possibilities of financial support to Romanian farmers importing U.S. technology and equipment. In the frame of this round table was presented agriUStech - integrated strategic development program to vegetable crop farms in Romania, initiated by RGIC Consultanta and developed in partnership with the Commercial Service of the U.S. Embassy, with financial assistance from banks and international and local financial institutions interested in agriculture. 

The main objective of the agriUStech program is the development of vegetable crop farms in Romania for a period of seven years so as to arrive at a competitive technological and marketing level with EU farms. Development of crop farms will be using American equipment and financing instruments of the U.S. Export -Import Bank. For Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO Romanian Group for Investment and Consulting (RGIC) "the roundtable reflects the interest that the U.S. team shows towards the agricultural sector in Romania, the intention to collaborate with partners in Romania. Integrated strategic programs represent the solution for a successful and competitive Romanian agriculture to face the challenges of the European and world market. It is normal for Romanian Group for Investment and Consulting (RGIC) activity, developing and promoting integrated strategic projects, to represent a major goal, our company having already experience with another project of this type, namely the strategic integrated project for greenhouses. The key to our success in agriculture lies in the large projects of national importance!" This event was followed by an informal meeting that Dr. Tom Whal at NDSU has had with Romanian professors and academics meeting at which they discussed the possibilities for collaborative research and educational programs for the Romanian students.