Between 29 October and 2 November 2012, at the RGIC National Training Centre in Bucharest will take place the first course in agribusiness consultant for young farmers involved in farming activities. 
The course is organized by RGIC Consultancy in partnership with the prestigious North Dakota State University (NDSU) (through the The College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources and The North Dakota Experiment Station) and is a premiere for the agriculture training market. The first series of 15 participants will be prepared by Romanian and American trainers. 

The Romanian-American partnership, signed by Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO of the Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) and PhD Dean L. Bresciani, President of North Dakota State University (NDSU), requires joint implementation of integrated programs for agriculture (agribusiness, agricultural and biological sciences, agricultural technology), development of training programs and scholarships for young Romanian farmers. 

North Dakota State University (NDSU) is the largest public university in North Dakota with about 14,000 students and an extensive research activity, being classified by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education among the top 108 public and private universities in the United States. North Dakota State University appears in the elite category of "Research Universities / Very High research activity" and has several programs ranked in the Top 100 by the U.S. National Science Foundation. 

For Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO of the Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) "through the partnership with the North Dakota State University (NDSU), the Romanian Group for Investments and Consultancy (RGIC) affirms, once again, the case for supporting the development of Romanian agricultural sector in accordance with international market requirements. This requires not only modern and competitive agricultural technologies, but qualified staff ready to meet the market requirements. "