Friday, May 25th 2012 at 10 o’clock in Resita Caras Severin county it took place the conference and workshop Importance of partnerships al local and regional level in the sustainable development of rural areas, organized by ANTREC Caras Severin – as partner and SC RGIC CONSULTANTA SRL as beneficiary within the project “Human resource, a valuable investment in the Romanian rural tourism!” ID 36694 Invest in people!, co financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human resources Development 2007-2013. 

The event is part of the activities for information and promotion of the project whose main objective is the development of human resources in the field of rural tourism. 

Within the workshop themes were debated such as the role of local and regional strategic partnerships for the development of human resources in rural environment through the diversification of rural economy, for the revival of rural areas through the development of tourism. In this regard, the partnerships that ANTREC Caras Severin concluded are very important, they were concluded with city halls, local councils, employment agencies, tourism agencies, NGOs and other institutions in the West region, relevant to the field of rural tourism. 

The conference and workshop were attended by representatives of local authorities and nonprofit organizations that act in the West region and have as main activity rural tourism or the development of human resources, as well as local actors of the rural tourism market: owners of boarding houses and huts from the region. 

Mrs. Otilia Manta, Project manager highlighted the importance of the partnerships concluded during the implementation period of the project, as well as of the regional center of coordination of services for human resources development from rural environment in Caras Severin county: “The partnerships concluded by ANTREC Caras Severin with local institutions and actors, public and private involved in the local tourism and in the development of human resources are extremely useful in the implementation of such a large project and are relevant by their number and also the quality of the partners. The communication and efficient collaboration between the partners contribute to the fulfillment of the project objectives and also to its long term continuity as an interregional network of organizations is formed that has an important role in increasing the quality of professional competences at local and regional level.”