Monday, February 20th at 10 o’clock in the conference room within Andy hotel in Bucharest took place the workshop the Importance of partnerships at local and regional level in the sustainable development of rural areas organized by ANTREC Romania as partner and RGIC CONSULTANTA SRL as beneficiary within the project “Human resource, a valuable investment in the Romanian rural tourism!” ID 36694 co financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Program Human Resources Development 2007-2013. 

The workshop was attended by representatives of local authorities, profile association, academic and university environment and nongovernmental organizations that have as main activity the development of human resources. The event was opened by Mrs. Maria Stoian, Ph.D. lecturer, Honor President of ANTREC Romania who highlighted the role the local and regional partnerships have in the implementation of the project and the approach the partner ANTREC Romania has in this activity. Mrs. Otilia Manta, Project manager made an overview of the project followed by a presentation of the role and importance of local partnerships. The Project manager emphasized the two major aspects of these partnerships: they provide, during the implementation of the project, visibility to the project, of the actions which unfold and then, during post implementation period, these partnerships offer continuity to the project, perpetuating the experience gained during the implementation period. 

Several partners within the project had a speech: Mr. Stefan Mantea (Director of RGIC Territorial Network) who emphasized the role of education in the promotion of partnerships, Mrs. Maria Visan (President of ANTREC Brasov), Coordinating Expert Center Region, Mrs. Paula Stoicea, National Coordinating Expert (ANTREC Romania), Mrs. Magda Petre, Regional Coordinating Expert 9Cardinal Jobs) Mr. Eduard Morar, Expert on Information and Publicity (Eurolink Consultants) and Mr. Bogdan Guta, Expert on Information and Publicity (RGIC Consultanta). 

Among the guest, there were some interesting presentations from: Dr. Ion Andrei, President of the Association for the Quality of Services, Assistant dr. Teodor Isbasescu (USAMV) who spoke about the involvement of the Faculty of Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development within USAMV Bucharest through the specialization Engineering and Management in Public Nutrition and Agro tourism in the development of human resources from rural tourism. Mrs. Diana Radulescu (AJOFM Dambovita) presented the involvement of AJOFM Dambovita in the development of human resources, tackling unemployment and labor mediation and Lecturer dr. Daniela Stancu (“Dimitrie Cantemir” University) spoke of the actions of the University in the training of human resources in the field of tourism through the existing programs of vocational training. 

Mrs. Otilia Manta, Project manager, said: “I will never stop to point out how much the success of the project depends on the quality and amplitude of partnerships at local and regional level. The main local and regional actors contribute to the sustainability and continuity of the project during its unfolding and after the implementation. In this regard, the partnerships concluded by ANTREC Romania with representatives of local authorities, local education institutions, nonprofit organizations and private actors involved directly in the rural tourism activity, contribute to the accomplishment of the project objectives but also to its long term continuity”.