Tuesday, December 6, 2011, the Association of Romanian Consultants for Accessing European Funds (ACRAFE) presented its balance sheet for 2011 and the prediction directions of actions to be addressed in 2012. On this occasion have been organized elections for the positions of President, Vice President and members of the Board of ACRAFE. 

The new management consists of: Mr. Radu Onofrei - President, Mrs. Otilia Manta - Vice President, Mr. Marian Dobrila - Vice President, Mr. Mircea Leonte - Vice President, Mr. Costin Sorici - Vice President and Mr. Paul Savin - Vice President. 

For Mrs. Otilia Manta the election represents ''the opportunity to strengthen relationships between consulting firms in Romania by creating a partnership to support the increasing absorption of EU structural funds, action which, moreover, was constantly supported by ACRAFE throughout 2011''. 

The Association of Romanian Consultants for Accessing European Funds (ACRAFE) aims to represent, promote and defend the interests of consultants and consulting companies that operate in European funding and to make a qualitative transformation in the community by addressing human resource development and the introduction of standards for consulting services.