The National Council of Private Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Romania, in collaboration with the Agency for Implementing Projects and Programs for SMEs and the Romanian Counter Fund, organized at the Parliament Palace on 4th of November 2011 the nineteenth edition of the National Top of Private Companies in Romania. 

Among the companies awarded for their activity included RGIC Consultancy, which was awarded the Diploma of Business Excellence. On this occasion Mrs. Otilia Manta, President / CEO of the Romanian Group for Investment and Consultancy (RGIC) said: "For our company it is an honor to participate in this event and even more, to be receiving an award. This distinction rewards the efforts of RGIC Consultancy, and gives us confidence to continue the same way in the future. 

The strategic projects run by RGIC Consultancy, newly launched or in implementation process, cover important areas such as, for example, agriculture. As already said at this event, simplifying and speeding up the structural funds absorption must be one of the major priorities of the business sector in 2012. In the domain that RGIC Consultancy has focused most of the resources - I mean agriculture - attracting European funds is the key to successful and competitive agriculture. 

The weight of agriculture in the national economy can and should be important - and this was seen very well this year – an excellent one for agriculture, with record production. With simplifying structural funds absorption, Romanian agriculture can truly be a successful solution for a profitable economy. A strong, modern and efficient agriculture ensures Romania a confidently approach of the future ". 

On the occasion of the nineteenth edition of the National Top of Private Companies in Romania, there was conducted an extensive consultation of the entrepreneurs, to establish the 5 major business priorities for 2012. The consultation took the form of a referendum among the participants at the event, representing best performing companies in Romania, addressing the total number of 231 companies. 

The priorities outlined were included in the resolution of the nineteenth edition of the National Top of Private Companies in Romania, the first 5 as follows: 
1. Simplify and accelerate the absorption of structural funds, including by increasing advances; 
2. Reducing taxes, especially on the labor force; 
3. Increased access to credits for SMEs and the establishment, according to European practice, of a mediator of credits for SMEs in each county, for providing solutions to obtain funding from banks and government notification in case of problems; 
4. Relaunching the investment process, by amending Ordinance no. 85/2008 on investment incentives, approved by Law no. 78/2009, and by improving the legal framework for state aid schemes, modifying the criteria for granting to make them more accessible to SMEs; 
5. Establish the obligation for large retail chains to provide a minimum of sales (30%) for presentation and marketing of traditional and local products made by SMEs, including small farmers and artisans in Romania.