The workshop about the importance of partnerships at local and regional level in the sustainable development of rural areas took place on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 10 o’clock in Piatra Neamt and it was organized by the National Association for Rural, Ecological and Cultural Association (ANTREC) Neamt – as partner and RGIC Consultanta as beneficiary within the project "Human resource, a valuable investment in the Romanian rural tourism" ID36694 co financed by the European Social Fund through the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2007-2013. 

The workshop is part of a series of activities unfolded within the project, whose main objective is the development of human resources in the field of rural tourism. The project which started in August 2009 and will unfold until 2012, aims to realize training programmes for 830 people from rural areas from the regions North-West, Nort-East, West, South-Muntenia and Center from which 2030 people were selected for the target group. 

The trainees are employees from rural tourism, as well as unemployed or people from subsistence agriculture regarding the efficiency of employment process of the labor force in non agricultural occupations. The beneficiaries will take part in trainings for occupations such as guest house manager, maid, cook and waiter. 

The workshop is attended by representatives of local authorities and nongovernmental organizations which act in the region and have as main activity the development of human resources and local actors on the market of rural tourism: guest house and cottage owners. 

The debated themes are going to be: 
- Promotion of partnerships at local and regional level 
- Support for the promotion of rural tourism in the region North-East through the partnership agreements concluded with local and regional actors 
- The contribution of partnerships in the development of human resource in the region North-East 
- The role of the Regional Center for Coordination in North-East in the activity for promotion and conclusion of local and regional partnerships 

The workshop the Importance of partnerships at local and regional level in the sustainable development of rural areas is part of the information and awareness actions on the project objectives. The goal is to debate the strategic partnerships which ANTREC Neamt, as regional coordinator of the project, can conclude with city halls, county councils, employment agencies, tourism agencies, NGOs and other relevant institutions from the region. These partnerships contribute to the development of the multi regional network of coordination centers of development services for human resources in rural area. 

For North-East region, the coordination regional center is in Dumbrava Rosie, Neamt County. Such regional centers for coordination were founded in Armenis, Caras Severin county for West region, in Baile Felix for Bihor county in North-West region, in Bran in Brasov county in Center region and in Rucar, Arges County for South Muntenia region. Also, the national center for coordination was established in Bucharest at RGIC CONSULTANTA headquarters. 

The activity of the regional centers will continue to provide, after the implementation period of the project, the fulfillment of objectives: increasing the quality of services in rural tourism through the improvement of abilities and skills of employees, facilitating access to professional training programmes and also promotion of entrepreneurial culture and encouraging business and independent activities in non agricultural fields from the rural environment. 

Ms Otilia Manta, Project manager said that an important percentage from the success of the project is determined by the quality and amplitude of partnerships at local and regional level: "The development of some viable partnerships on long term, as well as a good communication and collaboration between partners are key factors in the success of an extensive project such as ours. The main local and regional actors contribute to the sustainability and continuity of our project during and after its implementation". 

"The partnerships concluded by ANTREC Neamt with the representatives of local authorities with local education institutions, nongovernmental organizations and private actors involved directly in the rural tourism activity, contribute to the objectives of the project and also its long term continuity. The interregional network of institutions thus created contribute to the increase of quality of professional skills at local and regional level, and the role of the Regional Center of Coordination from North-East region, coordinated by ANTREC Neamt is crucial", said Otilia Manta, the Project manager.