The Ministry of agriculture and rural development, Mr Valeriu Tabara, met on Friday, November, 26 2010 with Mr. Keith Kirkham, Commercial Attaché of the USA Embassy to Bucharest; the main theme approached with this occasion was the proposal from the US Embassy to attract partnerships for Romanian crop farms with American funding source. The meeting was attended by Ms Otilia Manta, President/CEO of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC), agribusiness consultant of the US Embassy and Mr. Gabriel Popescu, Commercial Specialist in the Commercial Service of the US Embassy to Bucharest.

The integrated strategic program for development of crop farms in Romania has as main objective the development of crop farms in Romania in order to reach a technological level competitive with European Union farms. In this context, there were identified several poor fields: providing performing equipment; providing irrigation systems; providing silages; providing solutions for lightweight constructions for agriculture, providing seeds for crops; providing insecticides, pesticides and fertilizers; providing planning services and of agricultural cultures and marketing to value the crops obtained; providing agricultural technical assistance regarding the crop together with weather services for agriculture; training for farmers; providing funding. Referring to this meeting, Keith Kirkham said: "The Commercial Service of US Embassy to Bucharest is delighted by the partnership with Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC) with the goal to develop the program regarding the crop farms, American equipments and financial instruments for trade of U.S. Export – Import Bank. The innovative solution suggested by this program will help the Romanian farmers to identify American suppliers of agricultural machinery, equipments and technology and will accelerate the rural development of Romania. Through this project, the Commercial Service of US Embassy could help the farmers and Romanian experts in agriculture in a practical way by presenting the suppliers and proving access to seminaries, conferences and exhibits that take place in United States".

According to Ms Otilia Manta „The integrated strategic programs represent the solution for a successful, competitive Romanian agriculture that faces the challenges from the European and world market. Is natural for the activity of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC), the development and promotion of strategic integrated programs to represent a major objective, our company already having the experience of another project of this type, namely the integrated strategic project for greenhouses. The key to success for our agriculture lies in these extensive projects of national importance!