The Romanian National Council for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (CNIPMMR),in collaboration with the Agency for Implementation of Projects and Programmes for SMEs (AIPPIMM), organized on November 5, 2010, the 8th edition of the National Top for Romanian Private Companies. 

Among the companies awarded for the activity unfolded is Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC), that received the BUSINESS EXCELLENCE DIPLOMA, occasion on which Ms Otilia Manta, President/CEO of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC) declared: “It is an honor to participate to this kind of manifestations that bring confirmation of a sustained effort. We are proud of this success, and also, by the companionship of the other top Romanian private companies. To successfully implement strategic projects is a challenge for us. We believe that, in the nest year, we can develop even more strategic sectoral projects in the fields of national importance.”

Also, within the event consisted in an extensive consulting of entrepreneurs, regarding the establishing of 10 major priorities of the business field for 2011. At the referendum organized on this occasion, 257 trade companies answered and emphasized 5 priorities of the business environment from Romania:
- Developing investments by perfecting state aid schemes by realizing infrastructure works and development of public private partnerships
- Simplifying the procedures and accelerating the absorption of structural funds
- Reducing fiscality, especially regarding the labor force 
- Increasing the access of SMEs to funding, similar to the situation from European Union
- Elimination of arrears and control of delayed payment of public authorities and institutions to companies.

Sure, there is a lot to solve on this field, reason why the participants to the 8th edition, of the Romanian national Top for private companies are going to forward to Presidency, Government, Parliament, as well as to other actors involved in the development and balancing the business environment, a resolution which solicits the valuation and implementation of the necessary measures to realize the mentioned priorities.