Wednesday, May 5, 2010, Ms. Otilia Manta, President/CEO of Grupul Roman pentru Investitii si Consultanta (RGIC) and Romanian Consultant on problems regarding agriculture and rural development of the Israeli Institute for Export and International Cooperation in Tel Aviv, along with Ms Yifat Inbar, Economic and Commercial Attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest met with farmers, owners of dairy cow farms from Giurgiu county in order to present some strategic projects for this agricultural sector. The meeting took place at Giurgiu Local Council in the presence of the President of the Local Council, Mr. Dumitru Beianu, the Vice-President of the Local Cpuncil, Mr. Tudorel Tone, Mr. Gheorghe Gradistean, Manager of the General Association of Cattle Breeders in Romania and the local representative of this association. 

The meeting represents a natural continuation and finalization of the results obtained a week ago during the Israeli Romanian Forum in the field of agro technologies for greenhouses and dairy cow farms, an event unfolded under Shavit Programme, a bilateral programme which promotes on the Romanian market, Israeli technologies and equipment in the field of greenhouses and dairy cow farms. 

The Israeli Romanian strategic partnership initiated some integrated strategic projects financed through European financing, in transfer of technology and equipment from Israel and sale services. The first strategic project was for vegetable greenhouses and the second for dairy cow farms. Thus, the farmers from Giurgiu could discover the advantages of this Israeli – Romanian partnership. 

Referring to the event which unfolded in Giurgiu Local Council, Ms. Otilia Manta said: "The goal of these meetings is to strengthen strategic partnerships between important players, providers of technology and equipment, on the international market and Romanian farmers, partnerships that will lead to valuing the present potential, human and natural of the Romanian agriculture and winning back a place on the international market!"