The Business Development Association (ADA) launches the new website which can be visited at The ADA site will ensure better communication and information between members of the association and better promotion for ADA image. Those interested would be able to find at information about the statute of the Business Development Association, the activities it unfolds, the strategic partnerships in which it is part of, its members. 

The Business Development Association is a non governamental organization which tries to impose itself on the market through the quality of services it offers and through the privileged relations with its partners; it is supported by a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. 

The Business Development Association wants to develop a network of prestigious partners both in Romania and abroad, working with business organizations, chambers of commerce, professional organizations and bodies of state administration. 

According to Ms Otilia Manta, President of the Business Development Association, "ADA is the platform for a public dialogue - private and governmental and a real help in supporting initiatives both of association members and its strategic partners. ADA also contributes to creating an open dialogue with all concerned in a synchronized development with the objectives of the Business Development Association".