SC RGIC Consultanta SRL organizes, on October 26, 2009, at the Houses of Parliament, room "Nicolae Balcescu", at 10:00 o'clock, the conference to launch the strategic project "Human resource, worthwhile investment in the romanian rural tourism". The project, co-funded from The European Social Fund - the oldest Structural Fund of the European Union - has as purpose the investments in human resources, the most important resource from an economy based on knowledge, especially human resources from rural areas, for access and sustainable development of employment on a flexible and inclusive labor market. 

The projects's target group includes 2030 persons from many social categories from rural environment. The categories of target group of project are : employees, managers, persons loking for a job, inactive persons, persons employed in subsistence agriculture, unemployed. The support of these individuals will result in implementing several activities, grouped into three components. 

The first component aims at conducting studies and research to update information and data on the target group, the evolution, its potential and characteristics, related to studies on the development trend of the rural tourism , in terms of employment opportunities on short and medium term. This information will be summarized in a database (the first of its kind in Romania), continuously developed and used for monitoring the employment and non-employment from the rural areas, a very usefull tool for development of integrated services of active measures for employment in rural areas. Also, with the support of partners in the project, will be developed a multiregional network of centers of coordination of human resources development services from rural areas, with emphasis on human resource engaged in rural tourism (employed persons) or its integration into the labor market prospects, in the reffered area (unemployed, persons looking for a job, etc.). Within this component, will be also promoted regional and local partnerships in support of the development of human resources and a transnational partnership to provide the tranfer of good practices and experiences, in the sense of a sustainable development of human resources in the rural areas. 

The second component includes a specific integrated program for managers and employees from the rural areas, from structures of rural tourism reception, in the regions targeted by the project. Are provided actions of information, awareness, selection and registraton of the targeted group, assessment of knowledge and skills, in light of current requierements in the labor market, advice and training to increase their skills competencies according to EU standards, t increase employment and competitiveness on the labor market. 

The third component provides specific measures, configured according to the persons concerned, unemployed, persons looking for a job and persons employed in subsistence agriculture, in rural areas from regions involved in the project. The project offers a special attention to these persons, through an integrated program of services of employment, strictly adapted to their specific needs. Are provided actions of identification, information/ awareness, selection, conseiling, career counseling, and training for skills or re-qualification in occupations requiered in the labor market in the rural tourism sector, ending with mediation services on the labor market. 

For implementing activities under the three components, the project will be implemented in partnership with 11 organizations of which we mention: ANTREC and its regional structures, EOT (National Organization of Greece for Travel), ANCE (Athens Network of Expert Contributors), and other partners specialized in active measures in the labor market of Romania.