The Romanian National Committee "ESEN reflection group" organized in 2009 some preliminary debates for the initiation of an open project, of large amplitude: "The Economic encyclopedia of Romania. Modern and contemporary age". Starting with June 2009 the debates continues on a "dual" line – on one hand the discussion of some chapters and defining dimensions of the project, and on the other hand, deepening the conception, theme and structure of the encyclopedia.

Thus, on Monday June 29th, in the Vast Marble Hall of the Romanian Academy took place a new reunion of the project "ESEN reflection group". The schedule of the meeting comprised, among others, an evaluation of the ideas that detached from the debates so far, an evaluation sustained by acad. T. Postolache, followed by the presentation of acad. Cristian Hera, the President of "Gheorghe Ionescu-Sisesti" Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences: "Prospect of the chapter Romanian soil – basis of durable development of national agriculture and economy".